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Divonne Holmes a Court

Divonne Holmes à Court is Chair of the Raising Children Network board.

Divonne is founder and former CEO of Smart Population Foundation and a member of the New York Bar. She is an active supporter of translating early childhood and education research into innovative and accessible resources for parents, professionals and the broader community.

In her previous role with Smart Population Foundation, Divonne played a part in the development of this award-winning website, and led the production of the unique Raising Children DVD.

Divonne is also a board director of the Cape York Partnership’s Australian Aboriginal Academy, a recent member of the Health Department’s Youth Mental Health Foundation HEADSPACE board and, along with her husband, Peter Holmes à Court, was a founding sponsor of the Australian Museum’s Eureka Prize for Science Teaching. Divonne is also the mother of two sets of twins.

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  • Last Updated 29-03-2012
  • Last Reviewed 29-03-2012