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Dr Craig A Anderson is a Distinguished Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences in the Department of Psychology at Iowa State University.

He received his PhD from Stanford University in 1980 and has served on the faculties of Rice University, Ohio State University, and the University of Missouri—Columbia. He has been awarded Fellow status by the American Psychological Society and the American Psychological Association.

Craig’s 140+ publications span a wide range of areas, including judgment and decision-making; depression, loneliness, and shyness; personality theory and measurement; and attribution theory.

In recent years, his work has focused on the development of a General Aggression Model designed to integrate insights from cognitive, developmental, personality, and social psychology. His pioneering work on video-game violence has led to consultations with educators, government officials, child advocates, and news organisations worldwide.

His book, Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents, published by Oxford University Press in 2007, summarises what has been learned from past studies on this important social issue.

  • Last updated or reviewed 26-07-2010