By Raising Children Network
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When baby is unconscious

Act fast and keep calm; if baby isn't breathing, call 000 or take baby to the clinic; remove blockages from baby's mouth.
  • If baby is unconscious, act fast and keep calm.
  • Is baby breathing? If not, quickly call 000 for ambulance or take baby to clinic straight away.
  • Look in baby’s mouth and remove any blockage.

If baby is breathing

Check if baby is breathing; if breathing, place baby over your arm face down; stay with baby and wait for help to come..
  • Is baby breathing? Look for chest rising, listen for breathing, feel if the belly is moving.

    If baby IS breathing but not waking, place them over your arm face down.

  • Stay with baby until help arrives. Stay calm.

If baby is not breathing

If baby is not breathing, do 30 firm chest pushes and gently give 2 air puffs into baby's mouth and nose; repeat if still not breathing until help arrives.
  • If baby is NOT breathing, place baby on their back, face up. Use two finger tips between baby’s nipples. Do 30 firm chest pushes.

    Fill your cheeks with air, put your mouth over baby’s mouth and nose, and give baby a gentle air puff. Do this again.

  • Check if baby is breathing again. If baby is still not breathing, repeat 30 firm chest pushes and then 2 gentle air puffs.

    Keep doing 30 pushes, 2 puffs and check until baby starts breathing or medical help arrives.

  • Last updated or reviewed 28-02-2014
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed by Raising Children Network in collaboration with Black Wattle Consulting.