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Complete Autism Handbook

The Complete Autism Handbook is available from Ventura Press.


The complete autism handbook is a complete and practical guide to raising a child with autism spectrum disorder in Australia.

About The complete autism handbook

The complete autism handbook (formerly The Australian autism handbook), by Benison O’Reilly and Kathryn Wicks, offers guidance, expert advice and support to parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). First published in 2008, it is now in its third edition (2016).

The 2016 edition of The complete autism handbook:

  • takes parents from early signs and symptoms of ASD through to diagnosis
  • looks at medical theories and intervention programs
  • includes a ratings guide for early interventions
  • covers schooling, with a new chapter on teenagers with ASD
  • has updated material on Asperger’s disorder and DSM-5 diagnostic criteria.

The book also has a resources section that is designed to help parents make the most of their funding, with a comprehensive listing of websites and phone numbers.

About the authors

Benison O’Reilly and Kathryn Wicks are professional writers. They both have children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), so each has first-hand experience with the essential information parents need to know to raise a child with ASD.

The complete autism handbook and Raising Children Network

Ventura Press and the authors are delighted to support the Raising Children Network by providing material from The Australian autism handbook (now The complete autism handbook) in the development of the Children with Autism content.

  • Last updated or reviewed 01-01-2016