By Raising Children Network
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What causes choking

Small things and food lumps can cause choking; keep small things away; watch when baby eats.
  • Small things or food lumps can cause choking and stop baby breathing.
  • Keep small things away from baby.
  • Watch baby while he eats. Cut up small food.

What to do if baby is choking

Stay calm, clear baby's mouth and check if breathing; if baby cannot breathe, call 000.
  • Emergency!
  • Stay calm! Look in baby’s mouth. Clear baby’s mouth.

    Check if baby is breathing

  • If baby can’t breathe call 000 straight away. The 000 operator will tell you how to clear the blockage. Do what the operator tells you.


What to do if baby is not breathing

Give 5 back blows and 5 chest pushes; repeat if airway is blocked and baby not breathing; continue until blockage moves or medical help arrives.
  • Lay baby face down along your arm or lap. Give five sharp back blows between baby’s shoulder blades. Check after each blow if baby is breathing.

    If baby is still not breathing, lay baby on her back. Give five chest pushes.

  • Look in baby’s mouth. If airway is still blocked and baby is still not breathing, repeat the back blows and the chest pushes.

  • Continue the five back blows, five chest pushes and breath checks until blockage moves or medical help arrives.

    If baby becomes unconscious at any time, start child CPR

  • Last updated or reviewed 05-06-2018
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed by Raising Children Network in collaboration with Black Wattle Consulting.