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Breastfeeding positions

  • Here are some different breastfeeding positions you can try. Choose a position that’s comfortable for you. You can hold your baby behind her back and shoulders but not her head.


How to attach baby to your breasts and burp

Let baby move towards your nipple; burping baby is optional; if your breasts are sore, try a clean, warm and wet cloth to soothe them.
  • Let baby move towards your nipple. You can help by getting baby’s mouth close to your nipple.

  • Hold your baby upright after feeding to let any wind out.

  • Massage sore breasts using a clean, warm and wet cloth. For sore nipples, squeeze breastmilk on them and dry them in the air. If the soreness doesn’t go away, see your local health centre.


Breastfeed on both breasts for each feed

Feed from one breast, pause for an optional burp, then offer baby the other breast.
  • Breastfeed on both breasts for each feed. Using both breasts helps make sure breasts do not become swollen or full. Using both breasts also helps your baby get enough milk.

  • Last updated or reviewed 05-06-2018
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed in collaboration with the Katherine West Health Board and the Aboriginal Reference Group of the Healthy Young Families Project.