By Raising Children Network
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Breast or bottle?

Breast or bottle? Talk to a health worker; no cow's milk before 1 year; no bottle in bed.
  • Breast or bottle? Talk with a health worker and family.
  • No cow’s milk in bottle before 12 months.
  • No bottle in bed.

How to prepare formula

Wash, scrub and boil bottles; keep formula dry; follow instruction on the tin.
  • Clean skin, wash and scrub bottles, then boil in large pot. 
  • Keep formula dry.
  • Follow instructions on the tin.

Using and storing formula

Do not re-use leftover formula in the bottle; keep bottled formula in fridge for 1 day only; make formula as needed when travelling.
  • Do not re-use left-over made-up formula.
  • Keep made-up formula in fridge for one day only.
  • Make formula as needed when travelling.
  • Last updated or reviewed 28-02-2013
  • Acknowledgements This resource was developed by Raising Children Network in collaboration with Black Wattle Consulting.