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Body image

Podcast transcript
Body Image podcast (PDF 157kb)

Psychologist Warren Cann talks with 3RRR radio host Jacinta Parsons about body image.

Worries about body image are very common among older children. As many as one third of children aged 11 and older have body image concerns. Girls tend to be more affected but, Warren points out, body image concerns among boys are increasing as they also feel under pressure to look a certain way.

Warren discusses how parents might manage healthy weight in their children while avoiding body image issues. He offers tips for parents of teenagers to help them reinforce a good body image.

In a talkback session, Warren and Jacinta discuss issues with callers, including the impact of magazine photos showing ‘perfect’ bodies.

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  • Last updated or reviewed 09-01-2013
  • Acknowledgements Thanks to Jacinta Parsons and radio 3RRR’s Detour program for this audio podcast.

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